Muscle Testing enables you to test your body in a very simple, non-invasive and painless way. If you suspect you might have either food intolerances or allergies to certain nutrients, pollutants, pollens etc...a special treatment can be catered to your specific needs and body mechanisms. In the knowledge of what food or substance to avoid, you would feel empowered and reassured that you can take charge of your health. Regular balancing treatments with kinesiology may result in making your body more resilient to future exposure too.



The result of exposure to long periods of stress is another area where Kinesiology helps greatly. Balancing energy levels and supporting the adrenal glands with adequate nutrition with targeted vitamins, minerals, or adaptogen plant-based supplements will guarantee your ability to cope with stress without compromising your immune system, or hormonal health.



I have found that kinesiology is particularly effective at the time of the MENOPAUSE. The reduction of oestrogen levels can be very sudden in some cases and have devastating consequences in a woman's life. Often, depression and anxiety, mood swings, lack of confidence and self-esteem can occur, only adding to a plethora of already disruptive symptoms such as hot flushes, fatigue, loss of libido and weight gain. Such troubles are greatly reduced or even completely averted when resorting to kinesiology which aims at balancing hormones, increasing energy levels, and releasing fears and anxiety. With the kinesiology approach, symptoms are helped at their roots and not just treated in isolation. Every aspect of the person is treated holistically, making this method an invaluable support at this sensitive time of a woman's life.



The entirety of your gut flora is considered an organ in its own right! The quality and the amount of good bacteria in our gut is showing to have consequences in all areas of our health and sometimes to even be at the root of chronic and auto-immune diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer, MS, ME to name just a few. We are not born equal when it comes to the quality of our friendly bacteria, and it can also be affected by illness, viral infections, surgery or even stress. It is, therefore, crucial to pay attention to this 'new' organ and support it with adequate probiotics and gut support supplements in order to maintain it in good health. It forms after all the main part of our entire immune system. Identifying food intolerance/ allergies / checking the integrity of the gut lining which can affect nutrients absorption, and ensuring good healthy habits for each and everyone, is what kinesiology excels at, and without the cost of expensive nutritional lab tests!