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Whether it is helping with conception, pregnancy, or labour, it is a privilege to be able to empower women at these key stages of their lives

Receiving Reflexology treatments before and during pregnancy may be extremely beneficial. Reflexology may encourage the body to minimise the length and intensity of labour, may benefit babies on a physical and even emotional level, may reduce anxiety and may facilitate recovery after birth.

Maternity Reflexology is a specific approach to Reflexology which focuses on:

  • Improving fertility

  • Supporting a healthy pregnancy and avoiding miscarriages in a holistic way as dealing with anxiety and stress

  • Improving the health of mother and baby during pregnancy (morning sickness/heartburn/aches & pains/ tiredness, and structural problems such as pubis symphysis and back pain, haemorrhoids)

  • Encouraging the onset of labour

  • After birth recovery

Regular treatments and adjustments or changes in lifestyle might be suggested for optimum results.


To maximise chances of a trouble-free birth and minimise side-effects, it is recommended to have a minimum of six sessions before the due date (one every week), and sometimes one or two treatments past this date, if necessary. My experience of Reflexology has shown me that women who are used to receiving reflexology treatments (not necessarily on a regular basis) before getting pregnant or at the onset of their pregnancy never experience the devastating effects of morning sickness or heartburn and are generally able to support a healthy pregnancy throughout, even if after the first 3 or 4 months they only receive one reflexology session a month! A therapy like no other that provides multiple benefits and is increasingly documented in the world of integrative medicine backed up and even adopted by an increasing number of midwives.

For inducing labour, ie. from the due date onwards unless dictated by specific medical circumstances, the combination of Reflexology and Visualisation seem to deliver the desired effect. I have seen many women able to give birth literally after just a few hours of this specific method of treatment which is all about calming the body physically and mentally.


Initial consultation: £75.00 

Follow-ups: £65.00

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