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Preparing the body for conception

Preparing the body for the perfect terrain to conceive is the main goal. For this purpose, I use Kinesiology as a means of isolating key issues that can be a the root of difficulties in conceiving, or sustaining a pregnancy. This is achieved by addressing hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and difficulties coping with stress. Kinesiology can also be helpful at revealing emotional blockages which once identified can be released using simple tapping techniques. Kinesiology, followed by regular Reflexology sessions is normally all it takes to put the body in balance, optimise chances of fertility and ultimately achieve conception.



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Sustaining a healthy pregnancy

Reflexology is extremely beneficial at sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Women who come to me for regular treatments right from the beginning of their pregnancy or before, largely do not experience nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, and miscarriages. Many other pregnancy-related ailments are kept at bay or helped such as pubis symphysis, oedema, cramps, anaemia, constipation, backache and rib pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue. At the onset of pregnancy, I advise women to come at regular intervals, such as weekly for 6 consecutive weeks, before spacing sessions to a maximum of once monthly. This amount of frequency is the perfect way to see the marvellous effect this therapy has in stimulating the immune system, improving the function of vital organs, encouraging the body to get rid of toxins and waste, calming the nervous system and giving the body a chance to regenerate and energise from the inside. All the while the body is adapting easily and naturally to the changes caused by pregnancy, and normal foetal development is optimised.

Preparing for Labour

From week 34, I advise women to come weekly until and beyond the due date. Treatments will focus on balancing hormones in order to encourage the release of oxytocin by the pituitary gland in preparation for labour, stimulating the cervix, calming the nervous system down in order to help with fear and anxiety. In addition to this tailored treatment visualisation and guided meditation can be added via Relaxation and Mindful Reflexology techniques. A good complement to hypnobirthing techniques.

A real treat for mother and baby!
Babies benefit hugely from reflexology. They are often calmer and born very near the due date. Labour is often shorter and less intense and recovery faster due to the body's increased ability to get back to normal.



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This is nowadays referred to as the Fourth Trimester.

It can be a shock to become a parent and Reflexology can be a very nurturing therapy at this stage, helping with issues of self-esteem, lack of confidence at becoming a new parent, difficulty communicating with one's partner, or relating to baby. Other issues are traumatic birth experiences which can leave deep psychological marks, post-partum depression, breastfeeding difficulties.


Kinesiology and Reflexology are used in tandem to achieve lasting results.

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