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The season of allergies is upon us and now is the time to act to prevent the appearance of symptoms this coming spring. Several easy options come to mind, such as:


In prevention, take one capsule a day from now on and increase to 3 capsules a day in case of acute crisis.

Zinc Picolinate

50mg a day from now on and increase to 150 mg in case of severe symptoms.

Vitamin C 1g a day from now on.

* Plantago lanceolata

As a herbal tea, herbal extract    up to 3 times a day

* Nettle

As a herbal tea, capsules or herbal extract up to 3 times a day

Avoid cow’s milk, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, yeast / gluten as much as possible.

Before going out, or before going to sleep, apply a little vaseline in the inside of each nostrils in order to trap pollen particles before they enter your nasal passages, and practice Neti, the pouring of water in each nostrils at the end of each day.

Take it from me who used to be a regular sufferer but have learned from experience of using all the above.

Your chance to at least lessen symptoms and limit suffering.

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