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Post-Covid syndrome

It can be very difficult to recover after any virus. In the case of Covid19, it can seem like moving mountains for even the fittest or most lucky ones. Yet, apart from rehabilitation centres attached to hospitals, the medical platform offers very little help to support Covid19 recovery. Patients are encouraged to go back home and resume 'normal' life as soon as they are out of hospital.

Very few can though, and most are left struggling to recuperate.

Psychological scars, weakened constitution and intense fatigue can be resolved if one looks outside the mainstream medical world.

Alternative therapies can make all the difference, as looking at health in a holistic way can address the damage incurred psychologically, and physiologically. Whether it is through accupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, reflexology or kinesiology, a few treatments during the course of a few weeks can make a person whole again!

I encourage every victim of Covid19 to take time for themselves, nurture and strengthen within with just a little help from a good therapist!

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