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If you cannot talk to your mind,… talk to your body

If you find it impossible to tame your mind because of stress, anxiety or depression….If you find meditation or mindfullness too passive, then you can always use exercise as a therapy.  Moving, setting yourself small goals, (it is better to be regular in small doses than exercise excessively every blue moon)., can be very rewarding.   Failing that, I recommend touch therapies and my favourite of course is Reflexology.  It never fails to astonish me how much more relaxed and connected people look and feel after a treatment.  Putting the body back in balance is the job of the therapist, but actually, it is the patient’s body which reacts positively to the physical touch.  This is proof that you should trust your body and should believe that it is possible to feel good inside and out, all thanks to the power of reflexology!  Before you reach for the ‘magic happy pills’ which get you hooked and make you relinquish control of your mind, not to mention the various negative side effects they can have,  give touch therapies a try.  You will be amazed how beneficial they can be for your mental health and your general wellbeing!

Reflexology is also extremely beneficial for children facing challenging internal troubles related to school, bullying, peer pressures, internal dilemmas related to sex or gender identity, home life or other relationship issues.

Children very often start ‘offloading’ what is on their mind during a treatment of reflexology, and it is the skill of the therapist to help them express how they feel and benefit fully from the treatment.  So, if you are experiencing challenging situations with your child, or teenager, what a wonderful gift it is to treat them to a series of reflexology sessions.  They will forever be thankful to you, even if they do not admit it at the time!

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