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When things are bad…

…..we all experience challenging times in our lives, and the summer is no exception!

Everyone’s own personal lives can become fraught, and we each have our own ways to cope and keep our heads above water. Added to our own, the outside world is throwing at us a myriad of problems, all contributing to increasing our levels of anxiety and fear.

The fragility of the planet, the uncertainty of the future in political, and economical terms, the effects of climate change including the ever increasing toxicity in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we consume. What to do to carry on with one’s life and keep a cool head and strong body.

We have to nurture our spirit and seek pleasure and contentment. This can be done by doing simple activities in a fully conscious way, and enjoying ‘doing’ whilst ‘relaxing’. Gardening, cooking, knitting, or crocheting (as I recently found for myself).  Daily meditation practice is also a life saviour for me, as is yoga and pilates. Contributing to society by volunteering (I have been doing this for 3 years now for SLRA, South London Refugee Association) is also a way to feel good about oneself.  Also, make sure your immune system is topped up with good intake of key supplements (this varies obviously from person to person), and indulge in the pleasures of healing therapies such as massage and Reiki, reflexology or kinesiology if you want an even more holistic touch.

Life becomes more bearable then, and everyone around you benefits from the positive energy you reflect.  Focusing on your own personal needs will contribute positively to the greater good, so, cultivate your inner garden, as much as your outer one, just like Voltaire preconised.

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